How To: Take Care of Your Skin During Summer


Wash regularly with Daily Face Wash and Daily Body Wash to remove sweat, bacteria and buildup on skin.

Before going out into direct sunlight, apply TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30 to your face and body. Allow 20 minutes to fully absorb. Pay extra attention to sensitive areas like the hairline, back of neck and tops of feet.
Apply Advanced Lip Protection SPF 30 to lips to prevent sun damage and overdrying.

Reapply TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30 every half hour when in direct sunlight.

Wash hair with Daily Shampoo to remove impurities from salt or chlorinated water.

If you’ve been sweating heavily during the day, wash with Daily Body Wash to remove impurities, as well as sunscreen residues.

Apply Advanced Face Lotion to face before bedtime.

Two – three times a week, apply a thin layer of Microfine Face Scrub to face. Allow to set for 1 minute, then gently rub into skin. Wash completely away with warm water.
Exfoliating can produce a more even tan, but be sure to exfoliate a day or two before you head out into the sun to protect the sensitive, new cells revealed.